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Global Virtual Scavenger Hunt: Intro

We know you probably can’t do the usual iSOTGDay activities on Saturday, December 5, because of the ongoing pandemic situation. So instead, this year, we’re putting on a Global Virtual Scavenger Hunt that everyone around the world can participate in, safely and securely, from their own home.

The Global Virtual Scavenger Hunt works like this: 

  • You sign up as an individual or team.
  • On iSOTGDay, your team captain gets emailed a list of fun, creative challenges.
  • You then have 2 hours to complete as many challenges as you can.
  • You earn points by posting your finished challenges on social media.
  • It’ll be fun, trust us.

This game is FREE to enter, open to everyone, and has challenges for all sorts of players: young and old, experienced or not, indoors and outdoors, in any language.

There will be special SOTG-related prizes given out to selected players and teams. 

Sign up your team here to participate.

Full rules below.

Other SOTG Ideas

As always, we also encourage local organizations to hold their own Spirit of the Game activities, and we encourage individuals to post other SOTG-related content they like on social media tagged with #iSOTGDay.

Some ideas are:

  • Write a sonnet, haiku, limerick or whatever form of poetry you like
  • Host an event and post an original photo/video from it
  • Produce a creative SOTG video
  • Take a photo that clearly shows SOTG with the corresponding icon(s)
  • Print/draw large iSOTG logos/icons and take a picture of them being displayed prominently

Be safe! Have fun!


Global Virtual Scavenger Hunt:

If you haven’t signed up a team yet, please do that RIGHT NOW!
If you have any questions, you can email wfdf.sotg@gmail.com.


Spirit of the Game is the mindful behavior practiced by players worldwide prior to, during and after a game. It encompasses attitudes and skills such as good knowledge and application of the rules, fair-mindedness, safe play and spatial awareness, clear and calm communication, and a positive and respectful attitude towards teammates, fans, and opponents, in a mutual effort to protect the basic joy of play.

The overall goal of this day and the idea behind this global virtual scavenger hunt is to celebrate and showcase Spirit of the Game across the globe, and to remind people about and to protect the basic joy of playing disc sports, even during this difficult year.

A global virtual event like this would be impossible without Spirit of the Game. By reminding us to focus on safe play, to collaborate on clear rules, by giving people a framework both to communicate globally and to share positive attitudes, Spirit of the Game provides a foundation for this novel way for us all to remember the joyful experience of playing disc sports.

Because of this event’s virtual and distributed format, there are probably some (even many!) ways you could cheat in order to gain an advantage.

But come on… you did just read what Spirit of the Game is, right? It would be very silly to score any points here by cheating.

Of course, if you come up with creative ways to accomplish any of the challenges, that’s allowed. It’s not unspirited to win!

Also, like many disc sports, this is an entirely self-officiated competition.

There are Hunt Advisors that help run the signups and the scoring, however, the final authority in the game belongs to the players.

This means:

  • For challenges where there are bonus points for the best submission, the Hunt Advisors will use social media “likes” (or “favorites” or whatever), as well their own opinions, to award those points.
  • In the case of any dispute, the Hunt Advisors will decide what seems most accurate and fair
  • If enough players want to change which team or player gets which points, or if a submission should or shouldn’t count, then a discussion will take place, and after that takes place, the players’ will make the final decision.
  • Since this is a new game with new, untested rules, the Hunt Advisors will decide how to handle disputes on a case-by-case basis, including what “enough players” means. This game is not a democracy, it is a trust- and fact-based game system.
  • This does not apply to any prizes (see below). Prizes will be determined and given out exclusively by the Hunt Advisors. (This is because of the difficulty in having players interacting directly with prize donators)


  1. First, think up a great team name.

    There’s a long tradition of awesome team names in disc sports — don’t let us down. You can see the teams that have already signed up here.

  2. Once you have a name, form a team of no less than one (1) person, and no more than seven (7) people.

    Much like in all disc sports, your team members do not need to be skilled at frisbee to be great team members. This might be a good time to ask your disc golf or double disc court friends to join in. Yes, GUTS players are allowed to play too. 😘

    If you have more than seven (7) people, make two (2) teams of four (4) people. (It’s free, why not?) These teams are now ARCH-RIVALS.

  3. Choose a 2-hour time slot on International Spirit of the Game Day (Saturday Dec. 5) when you’ll all be able to “meet” virtually and complete challenges.

    You might also be able to do this on Friday night or Sunday morning, depending on where in the world you are. In any case, the time slot must be after we send out the challenges to everyone (see below), and before the final deadline (also below).

    Even though the competition continues for about 2 days, each team will have ONLY TWO (2) HOURS to complete as many challenges as they can.

  4. Register your team, use this Google form signup document.

    When you sign up, you also must pick if you are joining the global RED CREW or BLUE CREW. This is very important.  Try hard to join the crew that’s going to win, because that’s more fun.

    Once you are signed up, your team will appear on the Official Team Scoring Sheet.

IMPORTANT: The deadline to register a team is BEFORE the start of the competition.  If it’s after the start of competition, you can certainly try to register, and we’d be happy to have you, but we’re not going to promise anything.

Rule 3: GET READY…

  1. Just before iSOTGDay begins anywhere in the world, we send out the official challenge list to ALL the email addresses of all the team captains that signed up. 

    The Day starts first at midnight in Tonga on December 5, which is UTC 2020-12-04 (Dec 4) at 11:00. You can view the start time in your time zone here. The challenges will be sent out before this.

  2. The email you receive will have a complete list of challenges. HOWEVER: Do not open the list of challenges until you are actually ready to begin, at your own official start time.

    If you’d like to translate the list of challenges into your language, we’ll make the list of challenges available to you in advance — just ask us. We trust you not to do any advanced planning — see Rule 1.

  3. Once you look at (read) the list of challenges, your team must immediately start your team timer. You must complete all your scavenger hunt challenges within two (2) hours. We remind you: Be Spirited!

  4. The competition is officially over and all challenges must be completed and submitted and received by the last moment of iSOTGDay, which is 11:59pm on Dec. 5 in American Samoa, which is UTC 2020-12-06 (Dec 6) at 10:59. You can view the end time in your time zone here.

Rule 4: GO PLAY!

Always Be Safe!
While completing challenges, please be sure to follow all health regulations and physical distancing guidelines in your area. 

Your team does not have to meet in person to compete the challenges. In fact, it’s probably a good idea to have the contents of a house and an Internet connection nearby.

Some challenges can be done indoors. Some can be done outdoors. Some can be done in either. None require you to meet as a group. Of course, if it’s safe to do so, your team can — but that’s up to you.

It’s also up to you to decide which challenges you want to attempt and how you want to assign challenges between your teammates. Some challenges require disc skills, and some do not. Some require special equipment, and some do not.

You can do challenges in any order. You can skip challenges. You do not have to do all the challenges (if you do them all, you are lying.)

You can only do each challenge once per team unless the challenge specifically says otherwise.

Rule 5: POST

Once you complete a challenge, you must post proof that you completed that challenge. Post to ANY ONE of the following sites:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok 

You do not need to post to multiple social media sites.

You will not earn more points for posting on more than one social media site (unless the challenge specifically says otherwise).

Each post should be written to match following format:

  1. Challenge number & name
  3. Photo or video proof
    that you did the challenge, plus anything else you want to share
  4. Hashtag: #iSOTGDAY
    (Don’t forget the “i”… and it’s all one word, without the underscore)
  5. Tag WFDF’s SOTG account on that service:
    1. Twitter: @ISOTG_DAY
    2. Instagram: @ISOTG_DAY
    3. Facebook SOTG page: https://www.facebook.com/spiritofthegamesotg
    4. TikTok: @iSOTG_DAY

Writing it in this format helps the Hunt Advisors quickly check and score the challenges.

Here’s a GOOD example (do like this):

07 #Baked SUPERFRIENDS We baked a cake! (attached photo) #iSOTGDAY @iSOTG_DAY

Here’s a BAD example (do not do this):

This photo is for the cake one for team Superfriends, Challenge 7 @WFDF_SOTG Thank you!

At any time, you can look at the challenges posted by other teams, and you can look at the score chart to see how other teams are stacking up.

Rule 6: SCORE

Once you have completed a challenge and posted about it, you need to submit that information to the Hunt Advisors using THIS FORM.

If you do not submit a completed challenge, you may not get credit for it. You might… but you probably won’t. You can view all the completed challenges and your team’s progress in this public scoring sheet.

If you have any questions, you can email wfdf.sotg@gmail.com. We’ll do our best to respond quickly, but the time limit is still two (2) hours regardless and the final deadline won’t change just because you have an unanswered question.

Rule 7: PRIZES

The real reward is fun and accomplishment!

But there are also some prizes to be awarded. A prize will be given to the following:

  • The team that ends with the most total points will be the BIGGEST WINNER. Congratulations!

Additional recognition will be given to:

  • The team with the most completed challenges
  • The team with the highest points per team member
  • The team with only one person with the most points
  • A team from the WINNING GLOBAL COLOR: Blue Crew or Red Crew!
  • If prizes remain, we will award prizes to some of the most impressive challenge(s) completed (as decided by the expert panel of Hunt Advisors) or to a team from the country with the most total points

You can view your team’s final ranking in this scoring sheet. We will announce the winners shortly after the competition ends.


  1. Your challenge posts must be visible to the Hunt Advisors on social media to count.
  2. You are allowed to look at social media at any time. You are allowed (in fact, you are encouraged) to interact with the social media posts of other teams.
  3. The Hunt Advisors are not responsible for any technical errors that keep them from seeing your challenge posts.  
  4. The Hunt Advisors are not responsible for any misspellings or errors in your challenge posts.
  5. Challenge posts can be in any language, but if we don’t understand, we may not give you points. English is safest.
  6. Unless otherwise stated, you only can score points once per challenge per team.
  7. If you submit the same challenge more than once, the Hunt Advisors will probably look at the first challenge post and ignore later ones — but not necessarily. Hunt Advisors have the ability to decide which challenge post and submission they choose to use to score.
  8. If a challenge post is deleted, even after the competition is over, the points may be removed. This is at the Hunt Advisors’ discretion. (We probably won’t ever do this, but if we go to re-confirm something and it’s gone, we might. So don’t delete posts, please.) 
  9. It does not matter what social media account posts each proof, or what social network is used. Posts don’t all have to be posted to the same account for each team. Multiple teams can use the same social media account. It only matters that the team name is mentioned in the challenge post.
  10. However, only the players on a team can post for that team.  If someone not on your team is posting for your team, that post will not count. (Yes, we have no way of really knowing this. See Rule 1.)
  11. Please don’t post anything rude, offensive, disgusting, etc. We are not responsible for what you post, and we don’t want to be.


There are some translations available for the challenges and the rules.

However, if there’s a conflict with the English version, the English version wins.

If you want to help us translate this hunt into your language, email wfdf.sotg@gmail.com and we’ll get that set up ASAP. We’ll also thank you loudly!


We’d like to thank Ultimate Canada for the inspiration for this event. They run an annual event to raise money for accessibility and development of Ultimate and Spirit of the Game in Canada with children, youth, and those with a disability, especially in economically disadvantaged communities.

The event is named after Art Hawkins, a pioneer of Ultimate in Canada. This year, Ultimate Canada switched from holding a massive simultaneous ultimate game, to this format, and it was a very fun and successful event. We thank them for setting such a great example to follow.