2020 iSOTGDay

TL;DR: The BLUE TEAM won! Congratulations 🎉

More detailed results and the prize winners below.

After a frantic 48h with 136 registered teams submitting a total of 1,769 point-scoring social media posts across the Internet, we have a winner: The BLUE TEAM!

It was a tight and close competition with the RED TEAM in the lead for a long time, but in the end, Ara Jüu Ultimate Frisbee Club gave the highly entertaining (go check it out, we’ll wait) final push for the BLUE victory!

We have been over the moon with all the submissions and very grateful for all your messages sharing with us how much fun you have had. While it has been a lot of posts to comb through, it has given us also immense joy and we want to thank you all for participating and making this such an amazing event—dare we say the world’s biggest flying disc event of 2020? 😉

With all this amazing content celebrating SOTG and the joy of flying discs, there have also been some hiccups. Ranging from teams struggling with challenge submission, to challenge guideline questions to un-viewable posts, some of this resulted in a fair amount of extra work on our end. Something that we definitely will need to streamline and clarify the next time.

At the same time, in terms of content posted, the rules clearly allowed for some creativity and most teams were very spirited. Sadly some players/teams (you know who you are!) went a little further than that, which came across as bad faith and we want to remind especially them that SOTG is about the shared joy, mutual respect, communication and being honest, rather than winning at all costs.

SOTG Survey

If you have not submitted it yet, please help us track on the progress of SOTG by filling this short survey:

2020 SOTG Survey

Thank You

We’d like to thank:

  • All you 524 players that have participated!
  • Our amazing sponsors that have agreed to sponsor some prizes despite the difficult business year (see list below)! You rock!
  • Ultimate Canada for the inspiration doing a scavenger hunt used at this year’s annual Art Hawkins’ Great Canadian Race. Thanks, ey!


And here all the awesome sponsors for the prizes:


And because we all love game stats, here a few interesting stats for all of us.

Flying Disc Disciplines

The participants in this event have previously played 12 flying disc sports (official WFDF disciplines in bold). Looks like we only missed the Guts 💪 players:

  1. Beach Ultimate
  2. Beersby
  3. Box
  4. Disc Golf
  5. Double Disc Court
  6. Elimination 8s
  7. Freestyle
  8. Frickets
  9. Goaltimate
  10. Indoor Ultimate
  11. Maximum Time Aloft (Overall)
  12. Ultimate


We had 37 countries represented, a truly global affair!

  • Italy, Canada and Turkey scored the most points in total.
  • Italy, Canada and U.S.A. fielded the most teams.
  • Finland, Uruguay and Austria fielded the most effective teams.
CountryTotal ScoreTeamsPoints/Team
Hong Kong39.0139.0
New Zealand109.0254.5
South Africa191.5295.8
The Netherlands67.0233.5
United Kingdom954.51186.8
Points per Country


We’ve had players speaking at least these 26 languages:

  1. Afrikaans
  2. Belgian
  3. Corsican
  4. Danish
  5. Dari
  6. Dutch
  7. English
  8. Farsi
  9. Filipino
  10. Finnish
  11. French
  12. German
  13. Guarani
  14. Hungarian
  15. Italian
  16. Japanese
  17. Korean
  18. Latvian
  19. Norwegian
  20. Pashto
  21. Polish
  22. Portuguese
  23. Russian
  24. Slovakian
  25. Spanish
  26. Turkish

Social Media Platforms

In terms of social media, we’re clearly an Instagram crowd:

Social Media Platforms


Most & Least Popular Challenges

Which challenges garnered most and least submissions?

101 #ThanksCoach60
13 #IceBoxedOut60
46 #TeaParty60
403 #SpiritDress59
556 #ISpyAnimal57
612 #BlindArt56
20 #BalancingAct56
853 #PackingList53
933 #ShirtRainbow48
1039 #ISpyAward47
Most Popular Challenges

5836 #Flatball3Pointer5
22 #OldSchoolCheer7
5611 #ThrowRunCatch7
31 #ISpyBronze8
5404 #VertStack8
5348 #OutdoorArt9
5230 #SnailMail10
5105 #SpiritCheer11
55 #Trickster12
4919 #PoseChallenge12
Least Popular Challenges

Thanks all for spreading the gratitude and calling your role models to thank them for all their efforts. ❤️

Highest & Lowest Scoring Challenges

Which challenges delivered in total most and least points?

120 #BalancingAct674
229 #DiscCarded530
53 #PackingList530
446 #TeaParty480
501 #ThanksCoach436
613 #IceBoxedOut413
714 #BakeOff380
833 #ShirtRainbow326
943 #DiScene287
1051 #AcrosticDay273
Highest Scoring Challenges
5836 #Flatball3Pointer14
5731 #ISpyBronze16
5611 #ThrowRunCatch24
5540 #ConeStatue32
5458 #CouldBeWorse37
5322 #OldSchoolCheer39
5230 #SnailMail40
5145 #ISpyFlag44
44 #UltimateComedian45
4904 #VertStack45
Lowest Scoring Challenges

Clearly it’s preferred to use discs to balance drinks to using that very same disc to throw it with precision into a hoop. 😜

Most & Least Exciting Challenges

Which challenges gave most and least submissions that we wanted to highlight?

135 #PoemHuck8
201 #ThanksCoach7
18 #SpinDoctor7
20 #BalancingAct7
543 #DiScene6
610 #HeelToeExpress5
25 #FlipToss5
29 #DiscCarded5
51 #AcrosticDay5
1014 #BakeOff4
Challenges With Most Highlights
24 #ISpyBike34
27 #InOneWord34
28 #AlligatorSpins21
30 #SnailMail10
31 #ISpyBronze8
34 #FlashbackEvidence38
39 #ISpyAward47
41 #GetSocial40
47 #TourneyThrowback40
53 #PackingList53
Challenges Without Highlights

Highest Scoring Submissions

These submissions rewarded the teams with most points:

1Brixton Ultimate54 #PingPongPot60
2Illegal Smile20 #BalancingAct40
3Nuclear Discs20 #BalancingAct37
4Nullacht! BLACK20 #BalancingAct30
5Curve Your Enthusiasm20 #BalancingAct28
6Kus Plastu20 #BalancingAct25
7SPIRITOSI20 #BalancingAct24
8Nullacht! WHITE20 #BalancingAct22
9RED Ramses20 #BalancingAct21
10QuorumTeam20 #BalancingAct20
Kus Plastu54 #PingPongPot20
Raisin Hell54 #PingPongPot20
SPIRITOSI54 #PingPongPot20
14Frozen Recycleland Barbequers20 #BalancingAct19
15Reading Ultimate20 #BalancingAct17
16Ugly Ardvaark Raving Team01 #ThanksCoach16
(Any submitting team)19 #PoseChallenge16
Brixton Ultimate20 #BalancingAct16
Nesthuckers20 #BalancingAct16
20Charrúa18 #SpinDoctor15
Outsisterz20 #BalancingAct15
The Viking Jammers20 #BalancingAct15


Once again, a massive thanks to our sponsors!

Challenges and Honorable Mentions

At this point we’d like to point out that a lot of really awesome challenges we cannot link to anymore, because the links submitted broke or the content is not available anymore. This is a real pity and hopefully next year we’ll all manage to avoid this loss of amazing creativity.

  1. #ThanksCoach Call a disc sport coach or role model in your life and thank them for everything that they do. Leaving a voicemail does not count. After you’ve spoken to them, share a picture or video of them.
    1. Ashton Court Angels sent an adorable thank you.
    2. CUSB Shout sent a thank you to a fantastic set of coaches.
    3. Huskies clearly were prepared with a great photo.
    4. Netshuckers said thanks in a nice and concise way.
    5. Nullacht BLACK posted the whole video of the thanks call.
  2. #LayoutVideo Post a video of a teammate laying out for a disc. Double points if it’s into water, like a pool or lake.
    1. Actitud Pizza posted a nice layout #FAIL video.
    2. CUT Above the Rest found water not challenging enough #brrrr.
    3. Szufla posted a double layout
  3. #SpiritDress Choose a color from the SOTG logo. Dress head to toe in that color and post a picture. Include which aspect of SOTG it is.
    1. Curve Your Enthusiasm posted a full set.
    2. Spirited Away also posted a full set.
  4. #VertStack: Without using any connectors or adhesives, create a vertical stack of discs 2 meters tall for 5 points, 3 meters tall for 10 points. Measuring tape required for proof.
    1. DiscUnderSpirit showed some creativity here.
    2. Go Go Grapes also figured our a creative solution.
    3. Stack the Stats sure showed a lot of discs, but somehow still struggles with the metric system despite being international.
  5. #SpiritCheer Create and record a SOTG-themed cheer with your team and post a video.
    1. Ara Jüu Ultimate Frisbee wrote a song for Manu Chao.
  6. #GottaCatchEmAll Post a photo with many different types of discs. 1 point for every disc for a different WFDF sport, and 10 points if you have all 7 disciplines. Sorry, disc golfers – different brands or types of drivers or putters don’t count; sorry ultimaters – neither do different ultimate discs. (You can include other disc types to be extra cool, but they don’t score points.)
    1. Jollu’s People show a lot of interest in all the different sports.
    2. Aloha Jammers even dared to sneak an Aerobie into the picture.
  7. #ISawTheSign Create and then put a iSOTGDay or SOTG sign bigger than a single sheet of paper in a window where others can see it. Take a picture or video.
    1. Frozen Recycleland Barbequeuers hopefully left their sign up with all the other Christmas decorations.
  8. #WaterHucket Post a video of a team member getting a bucket of water emptied over their head. You don’t have to make the water cold… we’re in a pandemic!
    1. Stack the Stats took advantage of hemispherical temperature differences.
  9. #SpiritTalk In a video of less than 30 seconds, explain Spirit of the Game in your native language. (Please correct us, if we misidentified any language or if any of the videos is not good as we don’t speak all the languages…)
    1. Corsican was posted by Ara Jüu Ultimate Frisbee
    2. English was posted by Blackfish RED
    3. Finnish was posted by Jollu’s People
    4. French was posted by Ara Jüu Ultimate Frisbee
    5. German was posted by Brixton Ultimate, CUT The Mustard, Nesthuckers
    6. Hungarian was posted by CUT Above the Rest
    7. Italian was posted by CIUF CIUF, CUSB Shout, DiscUnderSpirit, La Bassa Stagione, Smells Like Team Spirit, Young Skunks
    8. Lithuanian (?) was posted by DTS Ultimate
    9. Norwegian was posted by Ekeberg Sendeplateklubb
    10. Portuguese was posted by Halflings, Women in Sports Allies
    11. Sardinian was posted by Pippiu o muranda? No è Ichnos!
    12. Slovakian (?) was posted by Kus Plastu
    13. Slovenian (?) was posted by Nuclear Discs
    14. Spanish was posted by Charrúa, Curve your Enthusiasm, Malón, Release the Kraken
    15. Turkish (?) was posted by Caddebostan Olympics Red, Old Ducks, RED Ramses, Young Ducks
    16. Unidentified Eastern European (?) language was posted by Nullacht! BLACK
    17. Unidentified South (?) Italian (?) language was posted by Pulliesi
  10. #HeelToeExpress Create a very long row of cleats (heel to toe). The picture must include a measuring tape for proof of length. Also, please write the length (in cm) in the description. (Don’t meet to share shoes if it’s not safe.)
    1. Curve Ultimate achieved the longest row with 9.88m.
    2. Kus Plastu’s midnight cleat heist yielded them a row of 8.40m
  11. #ThrowRunCatch What’s the maximum distance you can run to catch your own throw? Post the video. From USAU Skills Challenge, if you’re good, consider entering a WFDF Overall competition.
    1. Old Ducks definitely have the skillz to consider Overall or Freestyle once the Young Ducks are getting too young.
  12. #BlindArt While blindfolded, draw the logo of your team OR the WFDF logo OR the SOTG logo. Post a picture of your drawing. Picture should include the original logo as well.
    1. Lights Out might be considering changing their name to Lights On.
  13. #IceBoxedOut Empty your refrigerator of everything but one disc. Take a selfie in front of the open refrigerator to prove it only has a disc inside. Must be a full-size fridge.
    1. Ara Jüu Ultimate Frisbee got to dance around the empty fridge.
    2. Charrúa made a timelapse of the fridge emptying.
    3. CIUF CIUF made a modern art project depicting our all salvation.
  14. #BakeOff Bake a large cookie, cake, or other desserts, and decorate it to look like a disc you own. Side by side picture required.
    1. Ashton Court Angels made an Ultrastar cake!
    2. BeachDayz made a Potlatch disc!
    3. Kus Plastu made a BULA disc!
    4. Lights Out made a Captain America shield Ultrastar cake!
  15. #ShareTheSpirit Make a donation to a disc sport organization, in any amount, in honor of Spirit of the Game. Post proof (you can obscure personally identifying information).
  16. #ISpyDisc A disc with the word “SPIRIT” on it. Take a picture.
    1. Some were lucky like Lights Out, and had discs that said “SPIRIT” on there…
    2. Others had to improvise and make their discs more spirited, like Pepè Le Pew.
  17. #DoTheGADance Choreograph a dance using at least 5 game advisor hand-signals. Minimum 30 seconds long. Post a video of at least 2 team members doing the dance.
    1. Daft Lads 05 went about this so very scrappily, it’s amazing.
    2. Huskies channelled their Phil Collins.
    3. Malón made up with their heavy bass for their tight cropping.
    4. Odtupus showed no mercy by instilling this earworm.
  18. #SpinDoctor Using a stopwatch, time how long you can continuously spin the disc on your finger. Post the video. From USAU Skills Challenge, if you’re good, consider entering a WFDF Freestyle competition.
    1. Charrúa won this elegantly by spinning way over 5minutes not getting bored, like Release the Kraken. Well done.
    2. The Aloha Jammers helped all of us to understand Freestyle better, like padiddling.
    3. Others went about this challenge differently, like Nullacht! White, CUSB Shout, Blue Ramses and Nullacht! Black
  19. #PoseChallenge Create a #posechallenge video using pictures of teammates during a disc sport game. Here are examples: example 1, example 2.
    1. Outsisterz created a number of poses.
    2. While not adding the reference picture, Caddebostan Olympics BLUE included some oldskool players.
  20. #BalancingAct Fit as many drinks on a disc as possible. Post a picture or video of one person holding the disc and the drinks steady with one hand.
    1. Illegal Smile managed to balance 40 drinks, while Nuclear Discs did 37.
    2. Curve Your Enthusiasm made this nice and easy for us. Thanks!
    1. And here you see our very own Travis testing the challenges for Frozen Recycleland Barbequeuers.
  21. #Twinning Find the social media pages for disc sport teams that share the same name, but are from different countries. Submit screenshots. If possible, tag the teams in your post. Max 3 sets.
  22. #OldSchoolCheer As a team, write an old school Ultimate cheer for another participating team and post a video performing it.
    1. Daft Lads 05 were cheering for Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Grapes.
    2. Ara Jüu Ultimate Frisbee was cheering for Guacamole.
    3. LightsOut had our KK cheering for BeachDays, but failed to do so as a team. 😉
  23. #OnTarget Create a target by marking an X on an object. Hit the target with a disc from a minimum of 8 meters away. Post the video. From USAU Skills Challenge
    1. Go Go Grapes did this nicely…
    2. Young Ducks somehow chose a worse (or better) holder for the “X”.
  24. #ISpyBike A bicycle with a basket or gear rack. Take a picture.
  25. #FlipToss Flip a disc from one hand (below your stomach) and catch it in your other hand (above your head). How many disc flips can you complete in 1 minute? Post the video. From USAU Skills Challenge, demo here.
    1. Some teams demoed a lot of skill here: Charrúa, Ekeberg’s Sendeplateklubb, and a few more, where the videos sadly are not available anymore.
    2. Old Ducks did a slightly different variant.
  26. #ScrabbleSOTG Set-up a scrabble board or another word tile game with “WFDF” “International” “Spirit” “Of” “The” “Game” “Day” as words that have been played legally
  27. #InOneWord Call, text or email a parent or equivalent older family member. Ask them what word best described their reaction when you told them about playing Freestyle, Ultimate Frisbee, Disc Golf, Guts, Double Disc Court, or Overall. Post their answer.
  28. #AlligatorSpins Toss a disc in the air, turn 360 degrees, then catch the disc. In 30 seconds, how many toss-spin-catches can you make? Post the video. From USAU Skills Challenge, if you’re good, consider entering a WFDF Freestyle competition.
  29. #DiscCarded Make an Pokemon- or Magic-style card of one of your team members. It must include an image of the player, name, team name, powers/effects, and a fun fact.
    1. Illegal Smile went really oldskool with the card while Young Ducks made things more glossy.
  30. #SnailMail Send a postcard to another team participating in this scavenger hunt. Post a picture of the postcard, showing that it has a valid stamp.
  31. #ISpyBronze A bronze medal from a WFDF event. Take a picture. Picture must include a note with today’s date and the name of the team that won it. You can ask a non-team-member friend for help on this one.
  32. #CatchTheBus Set up two cones 10 meters apart. How many sprints from cone to cone can you complete in a minute? Post the video. From USAU Skills Challenge
    1. Old Ducks was concerned about not infecting people once reaching the bus. Very spirited.
    2. Far less clothing was worn by the Disciples of the Supreme, when doing their sprints.
  33. #ShirtRainbow Make a rainbow out of disc sport jerseys. Post a picture.
    1. Wherever Ottawashers are from, looks like their rainbows come with leprechauns at both ends of the rainbow.
    2. And then again, where Raisin Hell lives, rainbows have 23 colours!
  34. #FlashbackEvidence Post the oldest disc sport picture you can find that has at least 2 of your team members in it
  35. #PoemHuck Write a poem about a disc sport (min 50 words).
    1. Ara Jüu Ultimate Frisbee‘s poem
    2. Ashton Court Angels’ poem
    3. Halflings’ poem
    4. Nesthucker’s poem
    5. Release the Kraken’s poem
    6. SPIRITOS!’s poem
    7. Stack the Stats’ poem
  36. #Flatball3Pointer Take a video of a team member throwing a disc into in a basketball basket (or equivalent with Hunt Advisors’ approval) from a minimum of 7 meters away.
  37. #SpiritMascot Take a picture of a pet participating in today’s iSOTGDay activities
    1. Illegal Smile used a game advisor.
    2. While Wasabi has a highly decorated mascot.
  38. #DiscliciousSandwich Make an local traditional sandwich and serve it on a disc. Post a picture with a caption of what type of sandwich it is. Note: A hot dog is not a sandwich.
    1. There was too much deliciousness for us to decide, what to highlight.
  39. #ISpyAward A spirit award that you have won. Post a picture.
  40. #ConeStatue Using only field cones/markers, create a statue. Post a picture or video.
    1. Daft Lads 05 won this challenge with an elaborate construction.
    2. Pyramids were popular, like this simple one from Brixton Ultimate, or the more elaborate one from Buzz the Tower. Towers were popular too, like this from Nuclear Discs, Smells like Team Spirit and Illegal Smile.
    3. Ottawashers made a social distancing mascot, while Release the Kraken may have understood the challenge differently.
  41. #GetSocial Find and “like” or “follow” three disc sport programs or teams, from three different continents. Include a screenshot of each.
  42. #OldJersey Take a picture of you wearing the oldest disc sport jersey you own. Include the year in the caption.
    1. The 1986 jersey by Code Red won clearly.
    2. F.O.G. (1991) came second and then SPIRITOS! (1996), Illegal Smile (1997), Go Go Grapes (1998) and Raisin Hell (1998) closed out the last millennium with many jerseys older than a lot of the current players.
  43. #DiScene Using Lego, playdough, or other craft supplies, build a miniature disc sport scene.
    1. Caddebostan Olympics RED combined discs with Star Wars.
    2. Illegal Smile made an Ultimate version of Space Jam.
    3. Nesthuckers made a disc golf scene.
    4. Ottawashers spent a lot of time to get the details right.
    5. Smells Like Team Spirit reminded us of our nightmares.
    6. Spikeball Dance Class decided to use chillies.
    7. Szufla even included Game Advisors.
  44. #UltimateComedian Tell us your best disc sport joke. Keep it family-friendly, please.
    1. Illegal Smile and Ashton Court Angels scored the best joke! Congrats!
    2. CUT Above the Rest, Ekeberg Sendeplateklubb and Lights Out submitted jokes that were so bad, we almost liked them.
  45. #ISpyFlag A real (not digital) flag of a disc sport organization. Take a picture.
  46. #TeaParty Set up a doll/stuffed animal tea party and include at least one disc.
    1. Caddebostan Olympics RED has tea parties in the gym.
    2. Lights Out has a peculiar taste in cookies.
    3. Stack the Stats have plenty of friends for tea.
    4. Meanwhile Malón’s tea parties may be more shifty and scheming.
  47. #TourneyThrowback Post a picture from the first tournament you ever attended. Add a caption of the tournament and place held.
  48. #OutdoorArt Go for a run/walk and create route art using an external GPS app. Post a screenshot. Minimum 1 km distance.
    1. Brixton Ultimate and Women in Sports Allies drew a doggo.
    2. La Bassa Stagione drew a crown.
    3. Wasabi went all out and wrote their name!
  49. #SpiritDisc Design your very own spirit disc – who knows, we may even use your design in the future!
    1. Caddebostan Olympics RED captured the Spirit Circle.
    2. Halflings went more meta.
    3. Odtupus’ design is like print-ready.
  50. #ISpyMask A sign telling you to “Wear a Mask”. Take a picture of the sign and you wearing a mask.
  51. #AcrosticDay Write an acrostic (words or sentences) using the letters “iSOTGDay”
    1. Ashton Court Angels caputed frisbee life.
    2. Ekeberg Sendeplateklubb captured our life right now.
    3. Illegal Smile kept it short and punchy.
  52. #SmellsLikeTeamSpirit Post a single picture that has one or more Spirit Captains or Spirit Directors in it. Tag the people in it.
    1. Brixton Ultimate and Charrúa had 5 Spirit Captains and Spirit Directors in there,
    2. Frozen Recycleland Barbequeuers maxed the challenge with a video from 2019′ AOBUC’s Spirit Captain meeting.
  53. #PackingList Using only items that you would normally bring with, receive, use, or eat at, a disc sport tournament, spell out “Spirit” or “SOTG”. Take a picture or video.
  54. #PingPongPot Bounce a ping pong ball off of a minimum of 3 discs and then into a pot.
    1. Brixton Ultimate won this through their ingenuity.
    2. SPIRITOS! was even more creative with the challenge, but it didn’t yield as many points.
    3. Nullacht! BLACK, on the otehr hand, went a little too far trying to hack the challenge. Sorry, nice try.
  55. #Trickster Submit a video of your teams’ trickiest trick shot.
    1. Charrúa won this challenge with this impressive trick shot.
    2. Lights Out, Ekebergs Sendplateklubb, Jollu’s People and Pulliesi submitted valiant contenders.
  56. #ISpyAnimal A disc with an animal on it. Take a picture.
    1. Young Ducks’ submission clearly stood out here.
  57. #LaundryDay Set up a laundry basket at least 3 meters away. Make up to 20 consecutive throws into the laundry basket. Post the video.
    1. BeachDayz may have gotten into trouble…
    2. Young Ducks had a lucky charm that decided to leave half-way.
  58. #CouldBeWorse What’s the worst photo you have of you with a disc? Must NOT be a photo taken for this hunt. Credit to Kyle
    1. Illegal Smile and Malón won this challenge.
    2. BeachDays, and Young Ducks posted strong contenders.


And now, while everybody is a winner, some winners are lucky to also get one of the prizes from our awesome sponsors:

Top Scoring Team

The top-scoring team wins 7x SOTG Pro Revolution, SOTG Pixel Tank or SOTG Pixel LS from VC Ultimate, which goes to Brixton Ultimate! Congratulations.

Highest Points per Player (PPP)

The team with the highest points per player receives 1 pair of SOTG-themed Friction Gloves, which goes to Ara Jüu Ultimate Frisbee Club! Congratulations.

Raffle Prizes

For the additional prizes we have run a raffle with the following result:

  • SOTG-themed towels from Greatest Bag go to Nullacht! WHITE (GER)
  • Hucket Bucket discounts go to Flow Junior Wrocław (POL)
  • 4 pairs of Universe Point cleats go to La Bassa Stagione (ITA)
  • 7 pairs of SOTG-themed socks from Tokay go to Illegal Smile (CAN)
  • 2 pairs of gloves from Layout Ultimate go to Sky This Warsaw (POL)

We will be in touch with all the winners by email to help with the awards. Once you all receive the awards, please take a picture and share it with your and our social media tagging the sponsors as well. Thanks!

Team Results

And finally the full glory team results (sorting by points » players » name).

Most points scored:

  • First: Brixton Ultimate
  • Second: Reading Ultimate, Illegal Smile, QuorumTeam

Having 7 (or 6) players seems to be a recipe for more points. 😜

Most challenges submitted:

  • First: Reading Ultimate, Brixton Ultimate
  • Third: Ara Jüu Ultimate Frisbee Club, Illegal Smile

Clearly doing more challenges was needed for a higher score.

Most average points per challenge (PPC):

  • First: SOTG Committee
  • Second: KEMRI
  • Third: Ekho Ultimate

Here the trick seemed to have been to only submit two challenges. Also, yay us! 🤪

Most challenges per player (CPP):

  • First: Ara Jüu Ultimate Frisbee Club
  • Second: CUSB Shout
  • Third: Hunter Flamingos, Go Go Grapes

The thin Bolivian air must be helping the one player to move at supernatural speed to complete 38 challenges per player, in comparison, the second and third completed 8+ challenges per player. 🤘

Most points per player (PPP):

  • First: Ara Jüu Ultimate Frisbee Club
  • Second: Hunter Flamingos
  • Third: CUSB Shout

And of course the points per player correlate with the challenges per player…

Best Teams per Region:

  • Africa: Blackfish RED (KEN), KEMRI (KEN), Blackfish BLUE (KEN)
  • Americas: Illegal Smile (CAN), QuorumTeam (CAN), Ara Jüu Ultimate Frisbee Club (BOL)
  • Asia-Oceania: Wasabi (JPN), Spirited Away (NZL), A+P+H (AUS)
  • Europe: Brixton Ultimate (GBR), Reading Ultimate (GBR), SPIRITOSI (ITA)
  • International Teams: Release the Kraken!, Women in Sport Allies, Stack the Stats

Full Listing

1Brixton Ultimate7United KingdomRED280.0416.85.940.0
2Reading Ultimate6United KingdomRED230.0415.66.838.3
Illegal Smile7CanadaBLUE230.0386.05.432.8
6Jollu’s People7FinlandRED206.0365.75.129.4
7Smells Like Team Spirit7ItalyBLUE202.0375.55.328.9
8CUT Above the Rest7HungaryRED193.0355.55.027.6
9Nullacht! BLACK6GermanyRED188.0316.15.231.3
10Ara Jüu Ultimate Frisbee Club1BoliviaBLUE185.0384.938.0185.0
11Ekeberg Sendeplateklubb7NorwayBLUE184.0345.44.926.3
12Caddebostan Olympics RED5TurkeyRED183.0374.97.436.6
13Raisin Hell7CanadaBLUE181.0306.04.325.9
14Buzz the Tower5CanadaBLUE178.0345.26.835.5
16Release the Kraken!6Singapore, South Africa, U.S.A.BLUE176.0364.96.029.3
18La Bassa Stagione5ItalyRED167.0295.75.833.3
Daft Lads 056ScotlandRED167.0285.94.727.8
21Hunter Flamingos4TurkeyRED165.0335.08.341.3
22CUSB Shout4ItalyBLUE163.0354.68.840.6
23Ashton Court Angels7United KingdomBLUE159.0305.34.322.7
Curve Your Enthusiasm7United KingdomBLUE159.0285.74.022.6
25Salaspils FK6LatviaRED158.0305.35.026.3
26Lights Out5U.S.A.BLUE150.0314.86.229.9
28RED Ramses5TurkeyRED149.0246.24.829.7
30Young Ducks7TurkeyBLUE145.0275.43.920.7
31Frozen Recycleland Barbequers4CanadaRED142.0216.75.335.4
Old Ducks5TurkeyBLUE142.0245.94.828.4
33Nullacht! WHITE6GermanyBLUE140.0255.64.223.3
35Nuclear Discs5SloveniaBLUE127.0206.44.025.4
36BLUE Ramses6TurkeyBLUE124.0215.93.520.6
38Women in Sport Allies3U.S.A., BrazilRED119.0225.47.339.7
39Go Go Grapes3ScotlandRED118.0254.78.339.4
41Kus Plastu4SlovakiaBLUE115.0186.44.528.8
42Actitud Pizza!6ArgentinaRED113.0244.74.018.8
43Flow Junior Wrocław6PolandBLUE111.0234.83.818.5
45Code RED5United KingdomBLUE105.0195.53.821.0
47Pepè le pew6ItalyRED103.0214.93.517.2
Spirited Away7New ZealandBLUE103.0234.53.314.7
49Pippiu o muranda?No è Ichnos!5ItalyBLUE100.0166.33.220.0
50Ugly Ardvaark Raving Team4GermanyRED99.0195.24.824.8
51Young Skunks6ItalyBLUE98.0204.93.316.3
52CIUF CIUF4ItalyBLUE96.0185.34.524.0
53Official Ducks4TurkeyBLUE90.0185.04.522.5
54Caddebostan Olympics BLUE4TurkeyBLUE88.0175.24.322.0
Doesn’t Matter5IndiaBLUE83.0145.92.816.6
58The Flying Fluffbergs4PortugalBLUE80.0165.04.020.0
59Stack The Stats7Canada, Philippines, Australia, U.S.A.RED79.0174.62.411.3
61CUT the Mustard6HungaryBLUE76.0145.42.312.7
62Blackfish RED7KenyaRED71.0145.12.010.1
64Swamp Dragon3The NetherlandsBLUE67.0154.55.022.3
65Money Discs3CanadaBLUE64.0183.66.021.3
66DTS Ultimate aha5LithuaniaRED56.0105.62.011.2
67The Disciples of the Supreme4ItalyRED55.0124.63.013.8
68DTS Ultimate ayea4LithuaniaRED52.095.82.313.0
69The Delightfuls6CanadaRED51.0105.11.78.5
71The Aloha Jammers2U.S.A.RED46.
74Momo Unicorn Plastic4Canada, Hong Kong, KoreaRED39.
77The Viking Jammers3NorwayBLUE26.
78Spikeball Dance Class6SingaporeRED21.
79WFDF SOTG Committee5GlobalBLUE16.
81Ekho Ultimate7ColombiaBLUE14.
83Blackfish BLUE1KenyaBLUE6.
2 vs 13United KingdomBLUE6.
Guacamole4Argentina, New ZealandBLUE6.
Sky This Warsaw6PolandRED4.
Complete Team Listing

Did Not Finish: Ahmedabad Elites, Broken But Not Forgotten, CENADA FRIS B, Classic, Club Deportivo de Disco Volador Sabotage U.F., Disc Throwing Unicorns, Disculture, Duals, FAB Youngsters, Frisbeenaija, Frostbite Ultimate, G-String Assassins, Green Force F.D.C, Green Tea, House of Culture, Impala Huckers, InkaTeam, Jaramogi Ultimate, Kakamega Wolves, Kakamega Wolves 2, Kigali Flying Gorillas BLUE, Kigali Flying Gorillas RED, Koi, Korean Syndicate, Los Cocos, MRAZE Ambassadors, Pelestinian Eagles, Pizza Lovers, Potato, Roar, Rusty Blades, Samalesu, Stars Club Frisbee Mazandaran, SupaDisc, Superslavic Rabbits, Team 1, Team Banks, The Blady Bunch, The Bunkhouse, The Ghosts of Frisbee Past, The package/drunken Sailors, Three Green Men, UCV Ultimate Club, ulti.TV, Ultimate Casablanca, Ultimate Oscars, Voice of Ahmedabad, Windhuckers, Wolves Ultimate

Thank you all for playing! Stay safe, be spirited and see you in 2021!
The WFDF SOTG Committee